Direct Response Advertising

Whether it's acquiring customers, optimizing existing relationships, or converting consumers into advocates, dr2marketing drives accountable and quantifiable results. We harmonize multiple disciplines - brand research, marketing strategy, campaign execution, and analytics to capture the psychology of behavior. The result? A highly relevant brand that drives the marketplace reaction toward your business demands.

Research Management

At dr2marketing, we understand that on-going research management is an essential component for the overall success of your brand from: market analysis, strategic development, creative testing (on and offline), and campaign monitoring and reporting.

It's important to acknowledge that key success factors can, and do, transform over time. Recognizing when these changes occur, how they influence your business model, and how to adapt and respond to them, can greatly influence the success and longevity of your business. This impacts every aspect of the recommendations we make, including changes in marketing strategies, advertising channels, branding, and more.

Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning

Media planning is an essential step toward identifying which broadcast, online, print, outdoor and /or electronic media outlet is the most effective and efficient way to reach your brand's target audience, while generating the most exposure.

Media Buying

dr2marketing works on a cost-per-reach basis with national and local media outlets to obtain optimal results for your brand. We can provide more reach, more frequency, and more prominent placement at the same rates large corporations pay.


Comprehensive Campaign Management

dr2marketing offers a level of personalized account management and services that exceed the function of traditional advertising firms. We handle all aspects of your brand's campaign, from concept through completion. We carefully guide you through every phase of the direct response process including scripting, production, access to our CRM system, call center management, and reporting. We support your brand's marketing efforts with the most competitive resources available in the industry today. dr2marketing ensures continuity through every stage of brand development and the highest level of satisfaction.


In today's marketing environment, functionality says as much about a brand as copy and design. dr2marketing produces work for the Internet and beyond, whether it's social media integration, search engine optimization, online promotions, mobile marketing strategies, email marketing or anything else that might be digital. Combining a spirit of creativity with a healthy respect for Web standards, we work to connect your brand to your target to audiences to engage them through action and interaction. This allows information to be accessed in multiple ways, whether it's searched for, subscribed to, pushed out through feeds, forwarded to friends, or pulled into computers and mobile devices.

Social Influences

Yes, the consumer is in control, and yes, we all have to master the art of listening to conversations on Facebook, Twitter and other social communities - but our goal is to inspire those communities to build loyalty and generate buzz. You want your audience chatting about you. Tweeting about you. Blogging about you. Promoting you. After all, word-of-mouth-marketing is the most powerful advertising tool in the industry. Our services combine social media marketing and optimization, extensive market research, original content, and online strategies.